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Establishing Your Identity in Christ (Ep. 21)

Not Just Talk with Jillian Ahonen
Not Just Talk with Jillian Ahonen
Establishing Your Identity in Christ (Ep. 21)

Jesus did not die on the cross and pay for your new life in Him for you to live the rest of your life, here on earth, insecure.

In today’s podcast, I share how God moved me from a place of fear, insecurity and thoughts of self-hatred and helped me re-establish my identity in Christ until I was walking confidently in His unshakable Truth! This is His desire for each of us…God wants us to be so rooted in who we are to Him that no one and nothing can tear us down because we are so built up in Him!



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Update: Jillian is currently focusing on writing this season and does not have an updated podcast schedule. Enjoy catching up on all the previous episodes of Not Just Talk with Jillian Ahonen.

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