I said, “Yes!”

I’m not sure how I got there or what year it was. At the time, my home life was chaos. My memory is a bit cloudy, but this part is clear—the woman who was speaking that day said challenging words I will never forget . . . and my heart responded.  

She said, “Always say ‘yes’ to God before He tells you what it is that He is asking of you.” She went on to explain, but my attention was already locked into the nudge of the Holy Spirit, and there in my journal I wrote the simplest most powerful sentence I had ever written down:

“Yes Lord, Send Me!”

jillian ahonen

Messages of Hope & Victory

Public speaking was not on my radar or on my list of life aspirations. True story! 

I didn’t think beyond what or who was in front of me; I was just available for the Holy Spirit to lead me. It was simple, really. As I pressed into Him, allowing Him to speak through me, I found myself releasing words of God’s Truth and encouragement, empowering those who crossed my path on a regular basis. It ignited something in me that I couldn’t ignore. 

What started casually on park benches has branched into platforms of all forms. Today I have the privilege of bringing messages of hope and victory from our Father’s heart wherever He sends me.

life is muddy christian living book by jillian ahonen

Honest. Relatable. Life changing.

Life is Muddy is a transformational book that will inspire you to take your place as a victorious Child of God, igniting a faith so deeply rooted in who He is, you will be empowered to slay your way through the mud of life no matter what pit comes your way! Now available!

Set Free to Free Many

I was near the pier of Oceanside, California, releasing all the worries of my season. As I wrote down my burdens on each rock and cast it out to the ocean, I asked God for a word from Him in return. 

I heard, “I have set you free to free many.” 

I have been coming alongside men and women for almost twenty years now. It’s both humbling and an honor to be used by God in this way. I love to help people connect with the Holy Spirit and the core of their own hearts, bringing them to a place of victory and freedom in every area of their lives. Today, I continue to meet with individuals from all walks of life, through what I call, Breakthrough Sessions.

jillian ahonen ministries


What began simply from the torn-out pages of my personal journal has grown into various avenues to inspire. From posting words of encouragement through social media, to what I call “Minute Inspirations” here on my site, and through my mobile app.

Resources & Inspiration

All the things that have been a distant dream to create and make available is now a reality . . .  Life is Muddy (book), mugs, journals, and more to come.