Equipping and empowering you to RISE UP in every area of your life! 

You were made to rise!

If there is anyone who is going to speak God’s Truth into your life until you believe it for yourself, it’s Jillian Ahonen!

She is not going to let you lay down, give up, throw in the towel, or settle for anything less than what God has for you . . . 

“When you come to an understanding of God’s love, what Jesus paid for, and the power of the Holy Spirit that’s in you, laying down is not an option.” 

life is muddy christian living book by jillian ahonen

Honest. Relatable. Life changing.

Life is Muddy is a transformational book that will inspire you to take your place as a victorious Child of God, igniting a faith so deeply rooted in who He is, you will be empowered to slay your way through the mud of life no matter what pit comes your way! Now available!

Spiritual Breakthrough Coaching

Jillian is a Life Coach with a Sword, the Word of God, and has been a catalyst for personal transformation, breakthrough, and victory for over a decade. 

Now it’s your turn!