What if the “mud” of life no longer had the power to take you down?

Jillian takes us on a revolutionary journey to freedom through what she calls, “the mud pits of life.” Not only do we get to relate to her raw emotions because of her willingness to be transparent, she helps us adopt a new and life-changing perspective through the mess. Applying Biblical truths, she teaches us practical ways of how we can learn to work with the mud rather than allowing it harden us or hold us back, keeping us a victim to life’s unsuspecting circumstances. She shows us that the mud pits of life do not get to determine who we are or where God wants to take us as she points us to God’s ability and our full authority, because of Jesus and the ever-present power of the Holy Spirit to completely redefine life’s mud. Jillian helps us peel off the mud, layer by layer, through cultivating an intimacy with God, establishing a trust relationship with Him through the mud, and the powerful stance we can take while facing the pits of life head on. life is muddy devotional by jillian ahonen

It’s time to unleash the warrior that God has designed us to be and establish an unshakable foundation that sets us up for complete and total victory!

Honest. Relatable. Life changing.

Life is Muddy is a transformational book that will inspire you to take your place as a victorious Child of God, igniting a faith so deeply rooted in who He is, you will be empowered to slay your way through the mud of life no matter what pit comes your way!

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life is muddy journal
Life is Muddy is freedom in print! Jillian writes with such wit and care as if she’s your personal encourager and cheerleader. Her very transparent and candid insight into what it takes to get through the muddy waters of life reveals a heart that desires to champion you until you are victorious in every area of your life. As you read this book you will pause, ponder, chuckle, laugh out loud and even shed a few tears, but the feeling you receive as God peels back the layers will be an unforgettable delight! This is a must-read!”

Leila Johnson

Founder and Executive Director, Just Us Girls Women’s Ministry

Author of A Worship Experience

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