Faith Forward Journal


The faith Forward Women’s Journal with 200 beautifully designed lined pages.


The Faith Forward Journal has 200 beautifully designed, blank, lined pages that will allow you to write freely during your daily prayer time.

This journal was created and designed by Jillian. The phrase “Faith Forward” was whispered to her heart several years ago during one of her private prayer times with Jesus. She believes this was a phrase God gave her as a powerful reminder for all of us to stay in a forward motion regardless of what we see or feel. We are called to live by faith, not by sight; we can trust our faithful God in all things at all times; He is within us.

“It’s time to live boldly, confidently, and courageously!

It’s time to say goodbye to fear and live fearlessly loved.

I’m praying this journal becomes a powerful interaction between you and the Holy Spirit as He equips and empowers you to go beyond the borders of your human limitations.

It’s time to faith forward!”

Much love,

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Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × .5 × 9 in


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