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What battle are you facing?

What’s going on in your life that’s hard and heavy?

We have to remember that as we face the mud pits of life, there is also a battle unseen to us. There’s an enemy that wants to kill, steal from, and destroy each one of us. If we could see what was going on in the spirit realm as we sing praise and worship over our circumstances, we would see warring and guardian angels released and fighting on our behalf, coming against the dark demonic presences that are trying to take ground in our lives. When we praise, we are partnering with God and Heaven’s army.

Satan hates it when we praise the name of Jesus because he knows he is finished. When we elevate Jesus, we crush the enemy beneath our feet!

As we line our minds with a heart of praise, focusing our attention on what is pure and lovely rather than what is hard and messy, the peace that surpasses all understanding will pour over us like a fresh waterfall straight from Heaven, washing away every layer of mud that the enemy set out to keep us bound.

Praise reverberates Heaven’s sound, releasing His supernatural power from the inside of us to what’s around us. From the spirit realm into the natural . . . praise shifts atmospheres!

Are you putting this all together?

Stop focusing on the problem and start to give all glory and praise to the Problem Solver.

Stop wallowing in the mud . . . call upon His great and mighty Name!

It’s time to elevate the name of Jesus above all things and declare the Truth that nothing can be above Him . . . No situation, no problem, no mud pit . . . nothing gets past Him, and nothing can defeat Him.

His name is our VICTORY!

Praise Him!


Today’s word was pulled from my book, Life is Muddy: How to Conquer the Hard, Heavy, and Hurtful Parts of Life with God. I pray this serves as a powerful reminder to praise Him through the mud!

Much love, J

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