I am so happy you’ve stumbled upon this ministry over here on the World Wide Web . . . I don’t believe it’s by accident — I believe the Holy Spirit led you here! 

God wants you to know that you are fully loved by Him and through His Son, you have been restored into new life. This new life in Christ is the place that God desires for you to live from despite what life or others may have told you. He wants you to know Him on such a deep, personal level and walk confidently through life as an empowered vessel of His Spirit.

I see too many of my brothers and sisters struggling — it was never God’s intention for you to crawl your way through life. Jesus died so that you could live as a new creation, with a strength and power beyond your human capabilities. As someone who has come alongside many, I have learned that there is a major gap between knowing God’s Truth versus living from Truth and it’s my hearts passion to speak God’s Word into your life until you believe it for yourself. I’m not going to let you lay down, give up, throw in the towel, or settle for anything less than what He has for you! My life’s mission is to help you see and believe everything you are to Him and everything you have because of Him, fully knowing that through Jesus, your freedom and victory has been paid for. 

I am committed to equipping you in God’s Truth, strengthening you in your relationship with Him, and teaching you how to activate the power of the Holy Spirit that is in you until you are walking confidently in your true identity as a chosen child of God, an heir to the throne of Heaven. 

I have many ways for you to join me. This site is filled with resources, words of encouragement, video messages, podcasts, and several ways for you to be in the know and plugged in. Feel free to browse around and connect with me and this ministry — there is a place for you here! 

Much love,