Confession: I did not want to post part 3 of my message series but my husband laughed so hard when he watched it, he said I have to. 

So, you can thank him! I feel that my long drive was making me a bit coo-coo along with some hot, steamy, cow poop that almost did me in (true story) but at the end of the day (and this message), I think humility is powerful! 

I pray this message brings you some laughter and inspiration to your Friday! ♥️, J 

Jillian Ahonen, Founder of J.A. Ministries, has a servants heart. After years of what felt like life boot camp, she felt called into full time ministry. With a mandate to reveal God’s heart through speaking and writing, she combines her transparent story-telling style and prophetic anointing to teach scriptural truths, with a mission to transform lives across the globe.

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