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Truth Sets Us Free

There is a false message infiltrating the church that feels hard Truth is not loving or showing mercy.

This lie is keeping too many bound in cycles and patterns that are not God honoring and damaging to both the individual and to relationships. We have too many passages in the Bible that show us the importance of holding one another accountable according to the Word. If we do not take a bold stance and fix this, we are blocking many people from maturing spiritually, and potentially damaging relationships that could be repaired by holding one to the Word of God.

If we continue this pattern of bypassing firm accountability, shying back from confronting sin, both the individual and the body of Christ is negatively effected as a whole. We are to be unified as one body, with Christ as the head, living out new natures, to be like Him.

Confronting someone with the Truth in love gives them an opportunity to change and do it right.

Holding someone to the Truth is loving them . . . God’s way.

I’ve learned this valuable concept and have had to apply it many times.

Having the boldness to confront someone in Truth with love is the key to true transformation.

The Bible doesn’t say sugar coating Truth, justifying behaviors, praying, or even being involved in countless church ministries sets one free. It says the Truth sets us free.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” —John 8:32 (NIV)

If it’s time to confront someone, be sure your heart is coming from a place of love, mercy and honor, keeping at the forefront of your mind that it’s not about being right or winning for personal gain, but winning someone over to the Truth that ultimately sets them free.

Being honest should never be about you, your feelings, or from a critical heart that thinks you are better.

If we take the time to evaluate ourselves, pulling the plank out of our own eye, then we are free to see the spec in someone else’s life and help them get a victory from a place of genuine love.

This is how Truth wins.

This is how we function in healing and wholeness as a church family — the body of Christ.

Saying Truth is loving someone; God’s Word is life giving. 

Much love, J