Have you ever been misunderstood, judged, criticized, wrongly accused, and your heart has been missed? ⁣

I have. ⁣

More times than I can count! ⁣

Here’s what I’ve learned: ⁣

I can allow the accusations sting me so deeply it consumes my heart and mind. I find myself looking for ways to vindicate my name which ultimately develops a “fear” of what others think, blocking me from a forward motion . . .⁣


I can rest in confident trust that God has my back and He will “make my innocence radiate like the dawn!” (Psalm 37:6) ⁣

One sets me free. One keeps me in bondage to the things of this world. God’s Word very clearly tells us that the things of this world should not consume us. That we will face trials and testing. ⁣

Even still, I know the sting and I understand the battle. Over time, I’ve learned that if I’m going to truly be a follower of Jesus, able to go where He wants me to, I’m going to have to develop some thicker skin! ⁣

Now, there’s a difference between “thick skin” and “hard heart.” ⁣

Thick skin means I’m not consumed with fear of what others may think because I recognize that people are people and we all have our own filter on life. That truth empowers me to love anyway. I can see people through a lens of mercy and forgiveness. My heart remains soft. I can freely continue to move forward. ⁣

A hard heart becomes bitter and critical making it impossible to see beyond the flaws of people. A bitter and critical heart cannot love. When love is cut off, fear has residence in the heart and mind. Fear keeps us consumed with worry and doubt causing us to become stuck! We cannot be truly free with a hard and bitter heart. ⁣

It’s a negative trickle effect. ⁣

When I find that I’m faced with a situation and my heart is being missed, my new habit is to recognize that it hurt, but quickly forgive. That enables me to bring the sting to Jesus and then He gives me eyes of mercy to see the situation in a new light. Love remains and I can fearlessly continue to walk in confidence, trusting that no weapon forged against me will prosper! ⁣

Father- I pray that each one of us can develop thicker skin. Show us where we have been stung by life, and where we need to release and forgive. Help us stay in that forward motion, unhindered by emotional pain. Touch us with Your healing salve, filling us with Your love and mercy as we find our rest in confidently trusting You. Amen. ⁣

Trust His process & keep moving forward! ♥️, J

Jillian Ahonen, Founder of J.A. Ministries, has a servants heart. After years of what felt like life boot camp, she felt called into full time ministry. With a mandate to reveal God’s heart through speaking and writing, she combines her transparent story-telling style and prophetic anointing to teach scriptural truths, with a mission to transform lives across the globe.

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