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The Truth That Sets the Captives Free

Deep thoughts and my morning cup of coffee ☕️ with Jesus: 

There is a deep concern in the church community to make sure the messages that get preached are gentle and loving. I wholeheartedly agree. We should always come from a place of humility and love. But somehow we’ve crossed over from compassion and care to fear we will offend.

And I’m noticing a theme of stunted maturity with an inability to grow spiritually. The body of Christ desperately needs a breakthrough in this area. It’s costing us the ability to make it through the hard parts of life because we have a stronger need to be comfortable.

Yep. I said it.

Can we be brave enough to face it? 💪🏼

There’s a difference between compassion, empathy, and a concern for the broken, versus watering down the bold truth that calls us higher. The truth that sets the captives free, equips the saints and empowers the body of Christ to rise into strong, faith-filled Jesus followers!

My wonder is: are the Christians that get easily offended or hurt when a message is not on the cushy side actually reading their Bibles?

Or—do they have a tendency to fixate on the scriptures that make them feel good, bypassing and skimming over the ones that call out the areas that need changing and growth?

When I read my Bible I see a very clear message of grace, mercy, forgiveness and love but beyond that, I find out I have areas in my life that are going to keep me hindered from running my race with victory! I find scripture after scripture that pushes me to dig deep, face some truths in my heart and mind that I have not surrendered to God. From there, I have to choose to obey Him over my human tendencies.

The passages that tell me what God desires of me are clear, firm and in my face! And they don’t feel good when what’s being read is speaking straight into an area that requires surrendering. Oh man, the sting—it’s real. There’s nothing cushy about them!

But the freedom, strength and victory that rises up within me is the supernatural exchange that I receive when I lay down my way for His, and it’s incredible!

Because of this, I embrace the “in your face” messages, and scriptures that call me higher. These tough to swallow truth’s have shown me what it means to crucify my flesh so I can live by the Spirit. Living by the Spirit is why I can soar through painfully hard seasons and come out stronger!

My God is who He says He is and when I lay down my will for His, I become that firmly planted tree, producing fruit in all seasons.

Family, let’s stop bypassing the messages and scriptures that show us the way to be more than a conqueror through Christ. We can’t grow when we coddle our flesh, nor can we live by the Spirit. It’s time to rise up, boldly and fiercely, and face some areas in our lives that are slowing us down, blocking our spiritual maturity.

God has called us higher, it’s time to respond to His call!

Much love,

Jillian Ahonen, Author, Speaker, Life-Coach, and Founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, has been a vessel in transforming lives through God’s truth, love and power for over a decade. Connect with Jillian daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) available on every online book store!

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