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The Faith of A Child

Do you ever talk yourself out of believing you can run to God with everything?

“It’s easy to allow emotions and thoughts, like fear, disbelief, doubt, our feelings of trusting our own abilities over yielding to God, or theological arguments that justify or rationalize our way out of going to Him for everything. There are endless reasons that we think and believe that are blocking us from even considering going to God.

Insert the thought that comes to mind that prevents you from wholeheartedly going to Him with everything, or maybe you don’t even consider Him because you believe you can figure it all out.

We are subconsciously arguing with God’s Word all the time. Our human understanding kicks in, we overthink everything, and the childlike nature of just believing God at His Word continues to be our internal struggle. When our understanding of God through human resources, and our own experiences (or lack thereof ), has put parameters on the Holy Spirit in our lives, our belief system is formed around what we can explain rather than faith, which goes beyond the borders of human reasoning.

God wants us to grab His hand in every aspect of life and believe He’s got us!

A child doesn’t think twice about going to his or her parents for whatever they need.

When a child falls, they know their parents will pick them up.

When a child is hungry, they go to their parents to be fed.

When a child has a question, they ask, believing their parents have the answer.

This is the simplistic way that God desires us to approach Him.

Transformation happens when our relationship with God goes from our head to our heart. We can ask the Holy Spirit to give us eyes to see and ears to hear as we read the Bible, giving Him permission to shatter any belief systems that are in contradiction to His Truth. God wants us to approach His Word with the desire to get to know Him as if we are reading personal letters from His heart to ours, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak directly to us.” —Ripple Effect 

It’s time to remove the distractions of your heart and the barriers in your mind — and run to the Father with the faith of a child!

Much love, J

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