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Take a Step Back

“Sometimes, in order to freely move forward, we have to be willing to take a step back.

If we do not stop and take the time to truly heal, we wear those pits from our past, blocking us from moving in forward motion.

They fill our scope with mud, clouding our perspective to the point that we really are unable to see life in its truest form.

These leaks can show us where we have unhealed hurt, whether it happened twenty years ago or twenty minutes ago. Life has a way of stirring the pot, and it’s important to pause and connect. The hurt in our lives affects our hearts. When our hearts are affected and left unhealed, those wounds infect our lives, and we remain stuck, living out of our past.” —Life is Muddy

Unhealed hurt doesn’t just disappear. Time doesn’t make it go away…it festers in our hearts whether we realize it or not and it will cause us to see our current situation unclearly, subconsciously bringing old hurt into our current life…sometimes even destroying the blessings God has in front of us because we can’t see them—our lenses on life are skewed.

This cycle will keep us in bondage to our past making it impossible to experience the peace, joy and freedom that God has for each of us.

It’s time to take a bold stance, face that past pain, and bring it to Jesus for His healing touch so you can embrace the beauty of life that God has gifted you—TODAY! 

Much love, J


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