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Stop Comparing and Get with God


Do you have a habit of looking around at what others are doing, comparing your life against theirs?

The enemy loves it when we look around and lose sight of the plans God has for us. He knows the comparison trap will always take our focus off of what truly matters. It robs us of the ability to develop an action plan for our own life as well as see the good that we have going on. It keeps us in bondage and leaves us feeling like what other people have is always better, so we are left striving, straining and frustrated with what belongs to us.

What a joy stealer and momentum blocker this trap is!

Here is the thing: when our focus is on what is set before us, God also gives us the ability to manage all that we have, and within that management area of our life, we have the power to change some things. I don’t mean change into what other people have. I mean we can look to our Maker and see what He has given us, what we were made for, and develop goals out of those truths.

Sometimes not liking where we are at is our nudge to make some changes . . . whether it be a course change or a perspective change.

Sometimes change is in order. But that change must be based on your call, your path, and the destiny that God designed for YOU!

You will not be able to define your course change by comparing yourself to others. We will always have room to grow and build, but we don’t get there by looking at where others are. We get there by focusing on what God has in store for us.

We cannot see where God wants to take us when we are staring at the person next to us!

We will never find out who we are or where we need to go by looking at someone else’s life. That’s a sure-fire way to knock us off course and send us on detours that could take us further from God’s perfect plan for our lives. That way of living will leave us constantly unsatisfied, unfulfilled, stressed out and confused.

So, here’s my best coaching advice in 3 simple steps that will stop the comparison and get you on course toward your fulfilling life today!

1. Stop scrolling and comparing, and get with God. Give Him space to reveal the gifts and talents He’s given you, and then ask Him for a vision.

2. Take that vision and create appropriate goals for the season you’re in. Ones that make sense for you and keep God at the center.

3. DO IT! Stop saying what you’re gonna do; take that step, AND faith forward — He is within you!

Today’s thoughts were inspired from my book, Life is Muddy and my journal time this morning with my new Faith Forward journal. I pray they met you.

Much love,



P.S. You can grab both a copy of Life is Muddy and a Faith Forward Journal here!