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Spirit-led Living

I was journaling and praying through some potential course changes that I feel God is bringing to my attention, and I found myself closing my prayer journal with this:

“Holy Spirit, I trust you; lead the way.”

To be honest, I think many struggle to trust the lead of the Holy Spirit, and make decisions on their own.

Our own way can make sense according to culture and our human understanding, but we miss out on the path that God has in mind for each of us when we are the lead of our lives. We also miss when God has a course change for us because oftentimes those changes do not make sense!

Bottom line, we lean on our human understanding when the Word of God clearly says to not!

God sees the bigger picture. He knows what’s up ahead and He knows what’s necessary in order for us to accomplish the purpose and plans He established in advance for us. He also knows the way to a fulfilling and satisfying life is to trust and follow His lead.

I can look back at my journey of learning to trust the lead of the Holy Spirit and clearly see that it was all part of my training and equipping for such a time as this. Even those seasons where I felt I was led to a dead end or the testing of wilderness had a purpose to embrace and trust. Miracles took place. I learned to strip off the things in my life that would hold me back from stepping into the position He had for me, removing the idols that I had placed between me and my God.

And I grew in faith and trust.

The Holy Spirit has taken me on a journey of learning to tune out the voices that want to mock a decision I needed to make, lean into Him with confident faith and go regardless of what others may say or think.

And you know what?

I live in awe!

This crazy, unconventional, seemingly backwards to the way things are done, tailor-made journey has been so precise and incredible, I can testify with confidence, the Spirit led life is beyond what we could create on our own.

If you’ve never allowed the Holy Spirit to lead you with decisions, I’m challenging you today to take that step of faith and invite Him to guide you.

Ask Him to show you the way, and highlight your direction. Be willing to make course changes that seem absolutely crazy, but fill you with peace because you know in your heart, it’s the Lord calling you up and out!

Give Him permission to close any and all doors that are not meant for you and do not push your way through when one closes, trust that in His perfect timing, the doors that He’s prepared for you will become wide open!

If you are one that seeks the Holy Spirit and have been feeling a nudge for a course change, let me confirm that you are hearing from the Lord—faith forward!

Much love, J

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.
—Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)

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