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Seek His Kingdom First and Live Fulfilled

Jesus said to follow Him—to put His Kingdom first, and then He will show us the way to a rich and satisfying life. One that is light, free and filled with an overwhelming peace and joy that never goes away!

Oftentimes, especially in the American culture, we tend to put the the focus on building our own kingdoms, putting the emphasis on our personal successes, believing that’s the key to our happiness…and then add God into our established lives.

This is backwards and not God’s design.

We can’t seek our own kingdom first, live for ourselves, and think we will experience the rich and satisfying life that Jesus says is ours through Him.

Our outward successes will never lead us to an inward fulfillment that can only come from living for the One who made us. 

Over the years, I have counseled, mentored and coached many successful men and woman in their personal lives and you’d be shocked at how many are unsatisfied, broken, hurting and living with an emptiness in their hearts.

An emptiness and brokenness that no one knows about because on the outside they appear to have it all—they’re livin’ the dream.

Or maybe you wouldn’t be so shocked to learn that inside, they’re not ok.

Maybe this is you.

Maybe you’ve work tirelessly to build something and that something was incredibly successful, but inside you are hurting, tired, broken, and lost.

If so, my heart longs for you to know what it feels like to put God’s Kingdom above your own and experience the abundant life that Jesus paid for.

I so desire for you to live all in for Him and trust that all your efforts, and all your hard work will multiply and increase, but not at the cost of an inward satisfaction and peace that can only come from Him.

I promise—your peace, your freedom, your joy, and the fruitfulness that brings life is in seeking God’s kingdom FIRST, and living to glorify Him in all you do.

Pray with me:

“Father, I have made myself lord of my own life and not You. Forgive me for putting my own interests and my own way above Yours. I have given into the lie that the kingdoms of this world have more for me than You, and I am hurting inside. I know your Holy Spirit has been gently nudging me to get my priorities on track according to your design and to return to You, my first love. Today, I’m responding to those gentle whispers that have been calling me back to your heart. Thank you for your mercy, grace and unconditional love. I am choosing to put Your Kingdom first, bringing glory to You in all I do. Today, I’m surrendering my will and way for Yours—seeking Your Kingdom above my own. I want to know what it feels like to experience that satisfying and abundant life that your Son, Jesus, died for. Fill me with your joy and peace that is worth more than every dollar in my account—more precious than every earthly treasure. In Jesus mighty name, amen.”

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Much love, J 

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