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Secure Your Identity in Him

If we don’t have our identities secure in what God says about us, and have outsourced our inner need to feel valued through other sources (good or bad), we are susceptible to the lures of the enemy to make us feel good inside. 

The enemy studies us and knows where our weaknesses are. He knows the flashing lights and false freedoms to wave in our face, tempting us away from God’s heart, and His best for our life.

He knows that if we are not confident in our true identities we are an easy target for his schemes.

Whatever those may be.

This is why it is VITAL that we are standing on the unshakable foundation with our identities secure in God, and God alone!

I used to know with my head what God says about me, but I wasn’t living from that confident place. People and life (and my own head) still had the ability to either make me feel good, or less than. My teens and early adult years were rocky. I genuinely struggled, making decisions out of a need in me that I didn’t realize was in there. Over the years I learned that my poor decisions and easily led away from God distractions to make me “feel good” was rooted in a truth that I did not have my identity secure in God, and what He says about me. No one knew this was inside of me…

but He did.

So did the enemy.

The enemy knew I was an easy target, and he knew just what situations could break me down so he could bring on the temptations.

I had to learn to get real strong, but it wasn’t in my own strength. I needed to be strong in the Lord!

As I learned that God truly is my my safe place to be vulnerable and honest, I prayed this powerful, life-changing prayer that shifted everything for me! He took me by the hand and began to show me who I am to Him until I believed it for myself.

I have experienced betrayal, rejection, years of feeling like I didn’t have many friends, crazy and overwhelming seasons where life was total chaos and none of those moments could shake the truth that I am who God says I am.

The enemy could no longer use my insecurities against me in ways that could send me off in the wrong direction.

This is God’s heart for you too!

This foundational concept and powerful prayer is all shared in my book, Life is Muddy.

I pray this meets you.

Much love,

Jillian Ahonen, Author, Speaker, Life-Coach, and Founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, has been a vessel in transforming lives through God’s truth, love and power for over a decade. Connect with Jillian daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) available on every online book store!

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