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Remain in Awe and Thanks

I called my dad last night because my mom told me he was sick and I wanted to check in with him. It was a brief call…nothing lengthy, he just let me know his symptoms and that he’s ok, it’s just a flu.

Later that night, I got a text from him. I sent a prayer text for healing over his body in Jesus’ name and that shifted our conversation to how grateful we are to know Christ. My dad says this regularly (almost every call) and I will never get tired of hearing him say it.

This morning I received a follow up text that he actually slept and wants to pray with me again tonight. The name of Jesus is powerful and when we call upon His name, He shows up!

My dad may say the same phrase to me with every call, and praying peace over his body may seem like not that big of a deal, but to hear the consistent passion and sincerity in his voice and witness the power of our simple, heart-felt prayers, I’m reminded to remain in that place of awe and thanks.

Family, don’t ever let the monotony of the season or the days cause you to lose sight of the most incredible gift we’ve been given through Jesus Christ.

He is the One true reason for this season.

Merry Christmas Eve!

If you’d like to read the sweet texts from my brain injured dad who had over 9 strokes 24 years ago and recently learned how to text, head over to my instagram most recent post, or my Facebook story!  He only uses voice texting because his strokes left him with double vision, so all the “chill, she’s, children…” is actually my name, Jill” have fun translating! 

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