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Put Jesus on the Platform of Your Heart

Deep thoughts and my morning cup of coffee ☕️ with Jesus:

This has weighed on my heart for years, but I’ve yet to share it publicly…

I have a really hard time with ministries charging for something Jesus already paid for, leading the masses to believe they’re sowing into their healing or their breakthrough by giving more and more.

I see people desperate, broken, hungry and willing to do just about anything to experience a touch from Jesus, giving everything they have in hopes to receive their miracle.

Yes, we can have a powerful experience, convince ourselves we are forever changed, only to go home to our same situation and wind up feeling the heaviness of life smack us in the face again. Then we believe we need “more” and search for the next popular meeting place to feel that boost once again, or we end up discouraged because what we felt and believed based on the prophetic words given are no where to be found in our lives.

We live believing that we didn’t have enough faith or feel discouraged when the person on the platform didn’t call out our need, that maybe, maybe God didn’t want us healed that day.

We search for the next known name with this false idea that popularity reveals the anointing and place a higher value on what they have to say.

Our church culture has elevated men and woman on platforms and oftentimes we chase after their anointing, rather than the anointed One.

Family, we have been blinded by a platform idol and God never designed His church to function this way. We are idolizing the person with the anointing, and without realizing it, Jesus is not in His proper place in our lives.

Let me back up and clarify what I’m not saying: I’m not talking about giving to ministries that are sowing into your life; “the worker is worth his keep” (Matt. 10:10). And I’m not saying going to conferences and events are bad, or listening to what a leader has to say is wrong. God has positioned leaders to lead, for the equipping of the Saints. Also, I’m not saying that we are not called to release God’s healing touch to those around us. We are. We are conduits of His power. WE! It’s not just for the select few.

So, don’t hear what I’m not saying, hear what I am saying: there is a platform idol that the church has been blinded by and it’s setting many up to give beyond their means, believing it’s what they need to do to receive their miracle, and the person on the platform is the one that connects them to God’s power, living with a need to get a “word” and healing from them.

But are we living fully healed and forever changed?

Or are we in a cycle of constant need?

Truthfully, what I’ve seen is that many of God’s children are in a constant state of need.

God wants to expose it, and for us to turn from it, so He can undo the damage this idea has created.

The truth: Jesus is the One who connects you to God’s power! Your healing, your deliverance, and your freedom has been paid for—and you will live it out in its fullness by the powerful anointing of His Spirit within you, as you remain connected to Him!

What would it look like if we understood what Jesus paid for, went directly to Him to receive everything God has for us straight from the throne room, and activated His power in our own lives?

What if we went directly to God, allowing His Words of hope, promise and Truth to sync deeply into our hearts and live from that place of faith, believing Him at His Word?

We would not be locked into to a constant need for ourselves because we’re already receiving what Jesus paid for directly from Him, and then freely giving what we’ve received to those around us.

God desires for each of us to put Jesus on the platform of our hearts so that nothing and no one is in between us and Him.

Your freedom—

Your victory—

And your breakthrough has been established through the blood of Jesus!

Go directly to Him and live out the fullness of what He paid for.

Much love, J

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