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Pause . . . Reflect . . . Connect

Journaling our way through the mud is both freeing and empowering. It enables us to pause, slow our minds down and purge all that may be consuming us, releasing to Jesus what weighs us down. From there, we can still our mind, connect with the ever-present Holy Spirit, allowing Him to speak into the mess. When we posture ourselves to receive insight, strategy and promises to grab hold of, the peace that transcends all understanding begins to root in our lives.

It’s time to become trained Warriors for the Kingdom of Heaven that can rise victoriously no matter what we walk though. Journaling allows us to sift through the noise of life’s “pits” so all that’s left is the gentle whispers of the Holy Spirit calling us rise and rest in trust as He fills us with His supernatural strength!

Journaling is a powerful and practical method that brings our tangible God to the center of life’s mud.

This journal design has over 200 lined pages with quotes and scriptures to go along with Jillian Ahonen’s book, Life is Muddy, giving you a place to release your fears and write down all God wants you to grab hold of as He reminds you that no matter what mud pit you face, He is still bigger, and you are not alone in the messiness of life!

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