Building Confidence in What God says When Life and People Tear You Down — Pieces of My Story (Ep. 27)

Have you ever faced overwhelming life situations and been judged, or mistreated in the process? Me too. In today's episode I share a few of the painful experiences I walked through and how my trust in God empowered me through them. I've learned that when our confident trust is established in the secret place, and we're rooting ourselves in God's Word regularly, we have the strength to overcome anything we may have to face even in the midst of being torn down by life, or people. God does not what you to go through hardships alone. He wants to meet you, guide you, and speak into what you are facing, bringing you His peace and strength every step of the way!

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What does it mean to crucify our old nature? (Ep. 22)

Most of us our familiar with the passages in Galatians where it talks about crucifying the old nature and the list of the Fruit of the Spirit, but do we understand what this should look like in our daily lives? Today we are going to take a look at what this means and how to practically live it out, because the truth is, crucifying your old nature is the key that will unlock your new life in the Spirit...the one that Jesus paid for! 

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Church Hurt (Ep. 15)

I share some of my painful and uncomfortable experiences and how God met me through each one. I believe as I share pieces of my story, the Holy Spirit is going to both minster to the brokenness in your heart and show you that you do not have to wear these situations or filter church through your pain but become empowered through His Spirit by remaining rooted in a personal walk with Him.

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Our Ministries Begin in Our Homes (Ep. 13)

God desires to use our uncomfortable and sometimes messy living situations to grow us in spiritual maturity, glorifying Him with our all parts of our lives. Being a Christian is not just reserved for church on Sunday, it starts in homes with those who are closest to us. Join Jillian Ahonen as she shares from her heart how God has used messy family life to shape her into becoming more like Him. 

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Dealing with Challenges and Conflict God’s way (Ep. 12)

God does not want us to try to get out of hard situations or react out of our human emotions. Instead, He wants us to apply His biblical principles in everyday challenges and conflicts and experience His supernatural peace and joy in the process! In today's episode, I share several examples from my own personal experiences with some very challenging neighbors and situations! 

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God is Calling His Church to Look Like Him (Ep. 10)

Today we discuss the importance of making sure our actions and behaviors are lining up with God's will and heart, not our own. God has given us very precise instructions on how to act and behave in all kinds of situations and He's asking us to get our hearts lined up with His so that we can not only grow in spiritual maturity, but effectively live out the mandate of the church. Are you ready to be stretched and challenged in your faith journey while simultaneously unlocking the spiritual freedom that you are craving, and becoming more like Him? If you are saying YES, then today's message is for you!  

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Shatter Unbelief and Believe for More (Ep. 9)

Do you know that your unbelief can limit God form moving powerfully in your life? Today we are going to invite the Holy Spirit to expand our understanding and open our eyes to the areas that we are struggling to believe in the bigness of our God, and where we are limiting His ability in our lives. God wants us to can come out of agreement with unbelief and start believing that He can do anything for those who believe! 

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Get Unstuck Through Faith and Trust (Ep.3)

There are a ton of scriptures in the Bible that tell us that we do not have to get stuck in any area of our lives . . . we are more than conquerors--empowered with the Holy Spirit! So why does it seem like it’s so hard to get back up and move forward when we’ve been hit by life? As God’s children, we have got to recognize the areas in our lives where we are struggling to trust God, realizing that faith and trust works together in order for us to keep moving forward regardless of what we have or are experiencing. Today, we are going to get really honest, and dive into what this looks like in our personal lives so that we can keep moving forward no matter what life throws our way!

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Can Jesus actually heal our broken hearts? (Ep. 2)

Today we are going to talk about the hurt we experience through life, what to do with the pain, and that Jesus can fully heal the brokenness in our hearts, and piece us back to wholeness. When I say wholeness, I mean as if our hearts never got hurt. We can still have the memory of the experience, but do you now that that memory, when it’s been met by Jesus, won’t have the same emotional weight or pain attached to it anymore. And I’m not talking about denial. I’m talking we faced the painful situation, brought it to Jesus and He heals the brokenness in our hearts. To the point that when we share our experiences its actually backed with the healing testimony of Jesus and when we share, the sting is gone.

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Look Back Long Enough to Learn and Grow (Ep. 1)

Look back long enough to learn and grow. Do you have areas in your life where you feel stuck, and you are just unable to get real breakthrough? Maybe even feelings of frustration and defeat, wondering why God hasn’t shown up to help you? If you are saying, yes! That’s me! Then today’s conversation is for you! Jesus paved the way for us to live an empowered life in the Spirit and we are going to look at one of the ways we can actually block ourselves from our own personal growth, spiritual maturity and from that continual forward motion of life in the Spirit. God wants us to experience freedom from patterns and behaviors in our lives and while we do experience miracles and supernatural abilities through Him, sometimes there are areas that He’s waiting for us to face and take responsibility for so that we can invite His power into that place of struggle and move forward without repeating those negative cycles. Today we are going to talk about this idea of looking back long enough to learn and grow!

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