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Past Trauma Doesn’t Have to Effect Your Current Life

“When our minds need the healing touch of Jesus, not only do we feel the pain of the current situation, but if there are past situations that have traumatized us, those incidents can take us all the way back to that initial bad experience in our current pain, intensifying it. Sometimes the memory is so intense, we completely shut down.

When past traumas surface, we can use these opportunities to go to Jesus, invite Him into that memory, and ask Him to heal our mind until those past flashes no longer invade our present life. Sometimes the healing happens all at once and sometimes the healing is a process of becoming consciously aware, inviting Jesus into the memory, or feeling, each time something surfaces until those triggers are gone.” —Ripple Effect (Chapter 4. Restored Mind)

Jesus has the power to heal our minds completely, but we have to invite Him into those broken places in order to receive His healing touch.


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