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Open Your Life Manual

If you’re searching for a satisfying life filled with peace and joy outside of God’s presence, you will discover that you have led yourself to something that is temporary and quickly fades.

When you try to find purpose outside of what you were made for, by your Creator, you will find that no matter how successful you become, you will still have a vacancy in your heart that longs for more—your accomplishments will never be enough.

You can fill your mind with self-help books and the knowledge of this world, leading you to believe you’ve become wise. But the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God and will only lead you away from Truth, and into a world of empty philosophies and confusion.

Family, you can search and search for meaning, for purpose, and for that peace and joy that your heart longs for, but if you search outside of the Author of life, and never open His manual for living, you will remain a wanderer longing for more.

The Bible reveals to us that Jesus is the ONLY way to a purposeful, rich and satisfying life, and shows us how to access His peace and joy that will never fade away — you should open it! 

Much love, J

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