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Old Hurt Will Chase Us Down Until We Face It

We cannot see our current life clearly with unhealed hurt from our past stirring in our hearts.

Old hurt will rob us of the new life, blocking us from seeing the good that’s in front of us. It clouds are thinking and ability to see clearly, turning most situations into something bad, because our shattered lens sees life through a broken heart.

Here are some pulls from my book, Life is Muddy:

“…old hurt will chase us down until we face it.

…If we do not stop and take the time to truly heal, we wear those pits from our past, blocking us from moving in forward motion. They will fill our scope with mud, clouding our perspective to the point that we really are unable to see life in its truest form.

…Life has a way of stirring the pot, and it’s important to pause and connect. The hurt in our lives affects our hearts. When our hearts are affected and left unhealed, those wounds infect our lives, and we remain stuck, living out of our past…

When our heart is covered up with self-protective layers, it hardens and barriers form. We then respond out of those barriers, unable to see or sift through the reality of a new situation. This directly impacts how we view life, people, and circumstances; in turn, it becomes the driving force behind our decisions and actions, becoming a negative trickle effect.

When we take the time to check in with our hearts, and invite God into our pain, old hurt cannot rob us of the newness of each day…

Pray with me: Father, I know that life can be hard, and I have experienced so much loss it’s overwhelming. I am not sure if I have ever fully grieved the losses I have experienced, and I am not sure I know how. Today, I am surrendering my loss and my pain to You . . . my Divine Healer. I am asking You to show me what has hindered me from living in the fullness and the freedom of joy and peace that I know is mine through Jesus. I have heart-hurt, and while I do believe You are who You say You are, I am finding that there are areas where I am struggling to fully believe that You have total healing and restoration for me. Lord, help me with my unbelief. Highlight to me the areas that have not been met by You, so that I can invite You into that place of pain and grieve what was, as I learn to rise and fully step into my new. I am asking You, Father, for the release of Your Spirit to come into every crack, every crevice, and every cell of my memory that has kept me in bondage to old hurt, trauma, and past pain, as I release all my hurt to You. In Jesus’ mighty name, amen.”

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