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No more toilet talk!

Do your thoughts about yourself waver to the point where some days you can build yourself up only to find that in a moments notice, you’re crashing down with thoughts of inadequacy and insecurity?

Here’s a pull from my latest book, Ripple Effect. We dive deep into these concepts that are costing us the ability to walk confidently in what God says about us—it’s time to become so rooted in who we are to Him no thought can slip in and tell us otherwise!

“I want to introduce a powerful difference between self-talk and God-talk.

Self-talk can change based on our circumstances and the feelings that arise. God-talk is through the power of the Holy Spirit, built on His unwavering Word that will not change, even when circumstances, thoughts, feelings, and emotions do. This is why we must build from God’s unchanging Truth, not our own version of the truth.

God-talk makes the decision that what He says about us is the only thing that carries value, placing the emphasis on His thoughts about us; our attention is on Him and off of ourselves. God’s Word must carry a higher value to us over all humanistic thoughts, feelings, and emotions. From there, we get to invite the power of the Holy Spirit to come and help us rewire our thinking until it lines up with His value system. In order to do this, we have got to get ‘self’ out of the way, so we can clearly see who we are through our Maker’s eyes. This is where being rooted in God’s love becomes vital. We need to know the love of God that helps us recognize the high price that was paid for us, and that we are seen through the blood of Jesus.

His righteousness.

We are the righteousness of Christ.

We cannot earn our way to this place of confidence.

It’s already been secured through Him.

I have a very practical and simple rule for myself. I call thoughts and words that create a dialogue in my mind that conflicts with God’s heart and Truth ‘toilet talk.’ If it doesn’t line up with Him, it gets flushed.

My belief system is shaped through God’s Word, not through my feelings. From there, my perspective lines up with the Kingdom of Heaven. I’ve had to train myself to willingly and consciously choose to remove those ideas and thoughts from my mind and mouth!


We have the choice in what we tell ourselves. Too many are giving themselves permission to fixate on wrong thoughts.”

No more giving yourself permission to think on or believe any thoughts that are against what God says to be true—build on His Truth!