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Move On His Behalf

Someone needs to hear this today:

Stop waiting around praying for a “move of God” and realize that as a child of God, a carrier of His presence, He’s asking YOU to move on His behalf and be a living vessel—His hands and feet to those around you!


You have been invited into the most powerful partnership with the Divine Creator; the One who breathed the breath of life into all living things; the One who spoke all of creation into existence; the One who heals the sick, raises the dead, and restores us back to His heart.

His power and presence is in you—you are a temple of the living God and you have been given the ministry of the Holy Spirit not only for yourself, but to release His Kingdom here on earth. You have been chosen, set free, and positioned for such a time as this!

Stop asking God to show up…Know who you carry and move on His behalf!

Much love, J

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