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Let’s Learn What it Means to Drop Our Nets

I wanted to post today’s thoughts wearing actual clothes (not pjs), washed hair, and maybe some makeup but I thought—who am I kidding?!

My hair is usually piled on top of my head (not even in a cute way), pjs until we are finished with school, and this is usually my only quiet pull-my-thoughts-together-time, so why not keep it real…This is me.

Are you wondering where that “rich and full life” that Jesus says is ours, actually is? Do you find yourself going through the motions, checking off the church boxes, doing all the Christian things, but find you are constantly hit by life, and left feeling discouraged?

This roller coaster is not the “abundant life” Jesus paid for.

My latest book, Ripple Effect, takes us on a journey of undoing church as usual so we can fully step into that spirit-empowered, fully alive, peace-filled life that Jesus paid for.

Oftentimes, without realizing it, we are clinging to “nets” in our lives instead of dropping them, building our own kingdoms, believing this will lead us to everlasting peace. Then we crumble when life doesn’t go the way we thought or planned. You feel me?

Here’s a pull from Chapter 6 “Respond to Him”:

“My imagination played out the entire scene of what it would be like to stop, drop, and go with full surrender and full obedience when Jesus said, “come, follow Me.”

The fishermen’s response was immediate.

I imagine they must’ve had an encounter with Him in a way that drew them to want to abandon everything and go. I started to think about their families and what that may have looked like. Did they get support or criticism? This is not recorded in the Bible so we don’t really know, but I can imagine it feeling drastic and shocking to onlookers. I mean, they left their families and their livelihood to follow Jesus, and, at this time, He was not yet known.

It was out of full surrender and obedience the men chose to follow Jesus. This surrender was the beginning that unlocked a lifestyle with Him that set up everything we read about in the Bible.

A life that we’ve also been invited into.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we all need to drop our careers (unless that’s what Jesus has said to you, then yes, do it. He did with me). I’m talking about dropping our nets symbolically.

…The disciples were called, they dropped their nets, stepped into an abundant, fully satisfying life, and walked with Jesus. They went from a mundane and ordinary life to a life filled with awe and wonder. This life is the invitation of the Father’s heart for each of us.

…You have been called by name, drop your net, and respond to Him.

Pray with me:

Father, I have struggled to believe that You have the best intentions for my life. I have built my own kingdom, and I have been clinging to the nets of this world for my comfort, not to You. I have consumed myself with fear of judgment, criticism, worries of this life, and my sinful nature, realizing now that I have been following my own way and other voices instead of Yours. I have been afraid to miss out on something instead of trusting You with everything. Today I am dropping my net of false security and turning to You. I want to know You, know Your voice, and truly follow You with my whole heart. I desire that abundant life that Your Son, Jesus paid for. Show me what following You looks like in my everyday life. Help me take notice of the promptings of the Holy Spirit guiding me along the path that You have marked for me. In Your name I pray, amen.”