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Let Your Kids Experience God Through You

Never limit what your kids experience about God and Christianity to a church building. As parents, we have the opportunity everyday to be an extension of the Holy Spirit in our homes. What we believe should be lived out, not just talked about at church.

Here’s a pull from my book, Ripple Effect:

“In our home, when someone is sick or hurting, the first thing we do is declare healing in Jesus’ name. We have watched fevers leave the body immediately, broken bones get healed, sickness’ and headaches leave . . . this is releasing the Kingdom into the lives around us.

When my kids walk into a room and see me praying for someone, they immediately stop, extend their hands in prayer, and agree with Heaven to heal. We get to train our kids in this power.

Engaging the Holy Spirit’s power in our homes and beyond is what it means to raise our kids in the way of the Lord.” —Ripple Effect

It doesn’t have to be weird or over the top. But if you believe Jesus heals through us today, and you believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then your kids should see Him show up in their home.

Our job as parents is to make sure we have a close, personal, and very real relationship with God—that we don’t just keep Him to ourselves, go to church and do all the church things.

Let your children see your faith lived out in the building AND in your home! This bridges the gap between them and God, allowing Him to be real to them too.

They don’t even have to fully believe, you do! It’s YOUR faith that invites Holy Spirit to move powerfully in you and through you on a regular basis.

If your kids are older and this wasn’t part of their upbringing, it’s ok. Our God is a God who redeems time! Don’t shy back from believing that YOU can be an extension of the Father’s heart to your children no matter how old they are…you can start today!

Ask God for opportunities, He will give them to you, and He will show up…He just needs you to give Him room!

Much love, J