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Jesus Heals Minds

Jesus can fully restore and heal our minds from life hurt and trauma! Here’s a piece of my story pulled from my recent book, Ripple Effect:

“My ex-husband would pin me against the bed or wall with both of his hands around my neck.

He dragged me down the stairs one night by my arm and hair, and on another occasion, he pinned me on the stairs with his bare hands, crushing several of my ribs. I still have pain in my chest from that particular night.

When I was going through the divorce, I would get nightmares of him coming back, and life scenarios would trigger flashes that would send me into an intense panic. I struggled going out on my daily runs, in fear I would see him driving down the road, or felt instant panic when my phone would ring, wondering if it was him calling to cuss me out for some unknown reason.

I felt tormented when random scenes of his raging fits came flooding to the forefront of my mind, interrupting the newfound peace in our home. I even felt panicked if one of my kids came up behind me and wrapped their little arms around my neck for a hug, sending me back to those scary nights where he would put his hands around my neck and pin me to the wall.

I didn’t just go through a grieving process after my divorce.

I needed Jesus to heal my mind from the trauma.

Every time I would experience these triggers and flashes, I would bring that memory before Jesus, inviting Him into those painful moments, and He healed them. One by one, layer by layer, those scary flashes from my past no longer carry the power to interrupt my current daily life.

They are gone.

So are all of my other past triggers that created panic or an anxious feeling. Jesus has restored my mind, and He continues to every time I experience something painfully overwhelming in my life.

When our minds need the healing touch of Jesus, not only do we feel the pain of the current situation, but if there are past situations that have traumatized us, those incidents can take us all the way back to that initial bad experience in our current pain, intensifying it. Sometimes the memory is so intense, we completely shut down.

When past traumas surface, we can use these opportunities to go to Jesus, invite Him into that memory, and ask Him to heal our mind until those past flashes no longer invade our present life. Sometimes the healing happens all at once and sometimes the healing is a process of becoming consciously aware, inviting Jesus into the memory, or feeling, each time something surfaces until those triggers are gone.”

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