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It’s time to show the devil he didn’t win, he will not win—and get back up!

The enemy wants life to knock you out of your position.

He wants you to feel so defeated by what you’ve experienced you doubt God and you begin to shut down—letting your pain speak louder than His promises causing you to lose sight of your purpose here on earth.

I made a promise to myself and to the Lord over 15 years ago. I said, “God, whatever I walk through, however painful it may be, I won’t stop. I will keep going. I will trust you with everything!”

And you know what?

I’ve been hit HARD by painful situations. Some I share. Most I don’t. Sometimes I want to curl up in fetal position in my closet and throw in the towel.

But I don’t.

The Holy Spirit reminds me of Paul in prison and how it was during that time he wrote the epistles and even started churches because he was always ready to share the good news despite his painfully uncomfortable circumstances. Experiences most of us can’t even fathom!

He didn’t sulk in a corner.

He didn’t make every conversation about how bad he had it and how he felt like God abandoned him.

His situation never silenced him.

He never lost sight of his purpose.

And then I remember the promise I made to myself, before God and make the decision to get back up and faith forward, no matter what!

The painful situations I face here on earth will not silence me—I will stay the course. I will not give up. I will live out my God ordained purpose! And it won’t be about what I’m going through—it will always be about what Jesus went through for me and for you.

The Bible is filled with men and woman who have faced overwhelming pain and opposition, yet they remained steadfast and continued to live out the purpose God had for them. And I believe they had to make the same decision to get up and keep going despite the pain they were experiencing.

Family, we can lay down to our circumstances or choose to rise and live out the purpose God intends for each of us individually.

Most don’t realize it is a choice we make. Too many are waiting for their feelings to change or their situation to get better and it’s costing the masses to drop out of the race, remaining comfortably saved, but losing sight of the purpose that we have been invited into. One that is much bigger than ourselves.

God has a position for you and the enemy is absolutely hoping the destruction and devastation you have experienced will break you down to the point that you are silenced.

He’s hoping you lose faith and hope so much that you have nothing left to share to those around you.

It’s time to anchor yourself in Truth and ignite faith.

It’s time to press in harder to the power and presence of the Holy Spirit who is within you and ask Him to show you your position in this hour…

It’s time to show the devil he didn’t win, he will not win—and get back up!

Much love, J 

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