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It’s Okay

We live in a culture where it’s easy to feel like we’re behind, or not doing enough with our own lives, and then feel a pressure to perform based on the little corners we see of someone else’s life through social media.

So, here’s your little take the pressure off yourself post…

You’re ok right where you are.

It’s ok if you’re having a sad day.

It’s ok if your house isn’t perfect.

It’s ok if you didn’t get the promotion—you didn’t fail.

It’s ok if you didn’t get enough sleep last night and you need to be at a slower pace today…

It’s ok!

It’s ok if you didn’t check off all your tasks for the day.

It’s ok if you skipped the gym and baked something tasty instead. Me today 🙋🏻‍♀️🍪

It’s ok if you need to have a good cry because life’s been hard and heavy.

It’s ok if you had to cancel coffee with your friend because the baby needed a longer nap (and so did you).

It’s ok if you didn’t get all the “likes” from your last post that you expected…trust me, you’re value goes way beyond social media!

You know what, where you’re at is right where you need to be. God never put these expectations on you so don’t put yourself under this kind of pressure today—or ever.

It’s ok. 🤍, J

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