I’m not sure how, but there seems to be a secret message that many have received in life that says; “sadness, sorrow, grief…those are for the weak.”

As if to say our gauge of strength is based on a feeling. If our feelings are on the messy side or we are feeling the brokenness and pain in our hearts because of life’s devastation, then we must not be very strong.

I disagree. I believe it takes an incredible strength to say; “I’m not ok.”

Too many are left with inner hurt that continues to get ignored and are then forced to paint smiley faces on themselves to hide the pain.

And then what?

Fake it till they make it and hope that pain just fades away?

I don’t believe this is the heart of our Father and I think it’s time we spread a true message of hope and healing by teaching men and woman that it is ok to feel the sting, allowing ourselves the proper time of grief.

I believe allowing ourselves the time to grieve, and heal from loss is vital. When we take the time to process what’s hurting inside, allowing the balm of our Heavenly Father’s healing touch to meet our pain, that becomes the key that unlocks the walls and barriers in our hearts, launching us into freedom and victory so that we can truly dance again.

A time to cry and a time to laugh. A time to grieve and a time to dance. Ecclesiastes 3:4 NLT

It’s ok to not be ok. You will rise again!

Inspired from my personal healing journey and my upcoming book: Life is Muddy

Jillian Ahonen, Founder of J.A. Ministries, has a servants heart. After years of what felt like life boot camp, she felt called into full time ministry. With a mandate to reveal God’s heart through speaking and writing, she combines her transparent story-telling style and prophetic anointing to teach scriptural truths, with a mission to transform lives across the globe.

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