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In Him We Are Unshakable

I was asking the Holy Spirit if there was anything He wanted me to share with you today. He led me to my book, Life is Muddy, and highlighted a portion that I believe is a call to His children. For those who don’t know, I completed this book in 2018. I experienced a lot of pushback, set backs and hurdles for it to finally be published early 2020. Two months later we experienced a world wide mud pit, and I knew this book was for such a time as this! It still is. To many believers are crawling their way through life—

“It’s time!

It is time to rebuild and pour in our new foundation.

A foundation of truth and victory.

A foundation so secure, that when the world around us shakes . . .




When the mud pits of life become all-consuming, we will not be consumed!

Everything Jesus came to give is now ours.

When I say everything, I mean . . . EVERYTHING!

Jesus came so we could share in His inheritance . . . WE ARE CHOSEN MASTERPIECES!

Loved and marked by Heaven.

Heirs to the Kingdom of God.

We are Sons and Daughters, filled with a strength beyond human comprehension.

Victorious warriors!

The Spirit of God is within us, enabling

us to live an empowered life of the supernatural!” -Life is Muddy

Rise up in Truth family of God, in Him we are unshakable!

Much love,

Jillian Ahonen, Author, Speaker, Life-Coach, and Founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, has been a vessel in transforming lives through God’s truth, love and power for over a decade. Connect with Jillian daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) available on every online book store!

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