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His Presence is Our Safe Place

I don’t share my personal and vulnerable moments very often, but I felt I was supposed to today.

I’m not just “posing” for a picture here…I have tears in my eyes, listening to worship music, feeling the power and comfort of God’s presence in the privacy of my little office.

Family, I want to encourage you today—you don’t have to wait for Sunday to be near to God and be led into worship. He is with you, He is within you and you can be filled afresh everyday by going into His presence in the quiet of your own home.

This posture has become my safe place, where He has filled me with His supernatural strength to endure the many storms I have faced.

This quiet place, just me and Him, is where I am saturated in His peace, enveloped with His comfort, and can hear Him whisper to my heart the direction He has for me when I don’t know which way to turn.

Everyday I am thankful for what Jesus paid for…total access to the powerful presence of our God who promises to be with us always.

“It’s common to believe in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit but still have Him in a box that’s left for a church or worship service, and never activate the reality that we get to do life with Him. God’s presence and power are not just reserved for a Sunday church service—we wake up with Him; He is in us.” —Ripple Effect

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