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God Wants to Show Up Miraculously

“What is going on right now?

…God wants you to get with Him.

When we are pressed on all sides, tune into Him.

When we do not know what to do, He should be our first go-to, not the One we run to after we have exhausted all of our options. He is our life source, our refuge, our strength, and He’s always ready to help.

As we look to Him in all seasons and in all circumstances, He reveals to us our position and shows us where He wants us to place our focus . . . EYES ON HIM!

When we do this, we are covered with God’s grace to walk out whatever it is we need to.

When we step out of the position He has for us, that is when we can feel the weight of our circumstances.

Work situation? God has your position.

Home situation? God has your position.

Marriage, family, personal, financial? GOD HAS YOUR POSITION!”

—Life is Muddy 

God wants to show up in your circumstances miraculously…get with Him and give Him room to move!

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