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God Wants to Move Through the Mud

“In my earlier years, my identity was based on circumstances and the words of others, including what I thought about myself . . . not God’s truth! I didn’t know any different. During my previous marriage, while it was filled with mostly downs rather than ups, the downs were what brought to the surface the truth of how I felt about myself.

Do you realize what I am saying here?

God used the mud to bring to the surface what was not of Him, and because I turned to Him, He began to wipe out the cracked and unstable foundation that I was living on. He then took me on a journey replacing all the lies, labels, and cracks with his rock solid truth that I now live out of, that will never break or shake even when life around me does.

And believe me, my life has been one shaky mud pit after another!

Can you relate?

My confidence in the Lord is my foundation and the number one reason I can still stand.

This does not mean I do not get affected emotionally, because I do. However, emotions and circumstances can no longer shift my belief about myself or who God is. He is still the same, and I am still loved by Him. Having this foundation has become the freedom, the release of the supernatural in my life, and so much more.

To think I came to this place in my life because of the mud pits I’ve walked through is just crazy-amazing, and proof that our God really is in the details, weaving it all together for a divine purpose!” —Life is Muddy

Are you currently living in the mud pits of life?

Have you experienced so much pain and heartache you feel lost?

I’m here to tell you that God wants to do something powerfully amazing right smack in the middle of your mud pit, turning it all around for your good, according to His purposes. He wants you to speak into every lie and show you who you are to Him until you are so rooted in your identity as His child, life circumstances can no longer shake or shape the truth of who you are to Him.

He has a plan for your life, and it’s a good one. Take that faith step today, and invite Him to be the center. Allow Him to mold and shape you into the warrior for His kingdom that you were made to be!


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