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Glorify Him

When our need to be liked by others (ex: boss, coworkers, family, friend group…) is more important than honoring God, we become susceptible to actions and behaviors that should no longer be found in our lives.

Have you ever struggled with this, knowing in your heart it’s not pleasing to God?

It’s coming from an insecurity that has not been firmly established in Christ. Insecurity leads to a fear of rejection. In order to avoid being potentially rejected and isolated, we try to fit in instead of standing out.

But when we come to a revelation that we are chosen and accepted by God, fully loved, with our identities secure in Christ, fear of rejection no longer leads our lives—the Holy Spirit does.

All of a sudden we are living in the fullness of freedom as a chosen child of God, living out our new natures regardless of who’s around. This positions us live and glorify the One who breathed life into our dry bones, becoming a live witness of everything He’s done.

This is how we become lights to the world around us.

We can’t genuinely shine Him until we’ve dealt with what’s leading our lives—insecurity and fear, or our new Spirit-led life?

Family, it’s time to take an honest look inside your heart and discover what’s holding you back from making decisions that honor God even if it means getting left out.

You were not made to conform to the patterns of this world, but to be transformed into your new nature, to be like Christ.

Let’s decide today that we are done trying to fit the mold of this world, secure our confident trust in the One who saved our soul—glorifying Him, and Him alone!


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