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Get Back Up

I’ve experienced so many blindsiding, and overwhelmingly painful life situations, but they don’t break me—they light a fire in me that fuels me to get back up stronger!

I don’t waste my energy asking God why, because I already know He works all things out.

I don’t get hung up on what I see, because greater is He that is in me!

And when I feel the pain of my heart shattering into pieces, I know my good and faithful God is right there, ready to piece me back to wholeness.

You see, I also recognize that the devil is right there hoping that blow will take me out of my race.

I refuse to give him the satisfaction!

The arrows he fires at me only make me shine brighter, igniting a passion so strong, his measly little attempts to use life scenarios (and even people) to hurt me, only fuels me even more.

I’m telling you—he picked the wrong person to mess with!

What’s going on in your life that’s holding you back and knocking you off course?

Realize God is in you, and He is for you. He is faithful to His Word, and there is nothing that you will ever face in this lifetime that’s bigger than Him. His grace is sufficient. His power is made perfect in your weakness. And He is not going to let you fail as long as you’re holding onto Him.

Show the enemy that you know who your God is and get back up!

You’ve got a destiny to fulfill.

PS this weeks episode of Not Just Talk, we will dive into how rooting ourselves in faith and trust keeps us from getting stuck when life gets hard. Join me this Wednesday @7:30 am PST! You can check out my first two episodes in the meantime on your fave podcast station. 🤍, J

PPS picture because my fierce, warrior sister  and I were walking out of Bible study last week and she jokingly asked if this dirty beast was mine. She was shocked when I said yes, died laughing, and then told me she had to have a picture of me next to my tires. Clearly, I drive on the backroads, and I like it. Ha!