Family Time

Family Time

Last night I had a dream about family.⁣

This morning I felt very strongly that I needed to put out this call for prioritizing during this season. This is what I believe is our Fathers heart for us all! ⁣

There are MANY distractions in our world today. Controversy, battles, belief systems being shouted out, the Covid crisis, and the extreme heat of emotional reactions that are flooding our internet creating strife and division…⁣

God is saying stop! ⁣

Stop allowing all the noise of what’s going on outside of your home to be the focal point, and pay closer attention to who is inside your home. Too many are bringing the world into their homes and your home needs to be the safe zone.

Turn off the news. That is background noise that is shifting the atmosphere in your home. ⁣

Turn on worship music and invite God’s presence to reign.

This is going to be the game changer for your household! ⁣

Never allow the climate of the world into your homes, take back that ground and declare that your house will be a house of prayer and praise! ⁣

Nurture your marriage.

Take care of your children.

If you’re not married with children, find someone to bless. Many are alone and in need of love.

Pour out your heart, your time, your energy on loving well those that God placed in your life to care for. Do not neglect and busy yourselves, filling your time through a screen and miss what’s in front of you. ⁣

Bring laughter back into your home.

Bring prayer around your table.

God wants to heal our land but it starts in the homes, with Him at the center. ⁣

It’s time to prioritize and tune out the noise, turning up the sounds of joy and praise in our homes, pouring into our families like never before. It’s time to learn to dance through this storm and give God room to move! ♥️, J

Jillian Ahonen, wife, mom to five, and founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, is real, relatable, and passionate about seeing lives transformed through God’s overwhelming love and power. Click to learn more about Jillian and her Ministries. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) now available!

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