Embrace Your Season See His Goodness

I’m sitting here in the quiet before my family wakes up, praying through another dream that I know was from God. I’ve been waking up each morning and rather than my “normal” journal, pray, read, soak, hear routine…I’ve been writing down all I can remember about my dream, and then praying through it for understanding. This has been going on for some time now. To the point that I’m feeling guilty for not doing my devotional times the way I was before. I found myself trying to quickly go through each thing in order to get it all done, setting myself up for disappointment each morning as soon as I would hear the gentle footsteps (sounds more like a heard of baby elephants!) coming down the stairs.

How many know that with a house full of kids, it means my quiet time is OVER?! ??‍♀️

This morning was different.

Not the waking up to a dream part, because I still did, it was the perspective God have me that I hadn’t noticed before. He showed me that waking up to dreams, and visions from Him IS an invitation for devotional time in an intimate way, and it’s the season we are in right now.

I heard, “Embrace it.”

You may be thinking…duh! But it’s easy to miss when we have our “routine.” We can even miss when God is purposely shaking up our routine so that we can see the different facets of life…and the different facets of Him!

I started to thinking about the season changes I’ve experienced. Many with my “routine” getting shaken, but not the peaceful kind like this morning.

I’m talking the overwhelming shifts where everything feels as if it’s falling apart, and I feel as if I’m falling apart with it all!

Still, I have seen the goodness of God in those overwhelming moments. Because He is always up to something, and that something is for my good.


Because He is good!

In order to get to that place of finding the goodness of our God, we have to embrace the season we are in. That embrace opens up our scope to see what He’s doing, and what He’s calling us into with Him.

God is doing something all the time, and all the time He is good. Even through our season changes.

What season do you find yourself in?
Where do you see God in it?
What is He calling you into through it?

Embrace it! ♥️, J

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