Don’t Do Life Alone

Don’t Do Life Alone

Over the years I have learned the value of having at least one or two people that know all the cracks and crevices in my life. I mean, like REALLY KNOW ME! Even the stuff I don’t want anyone to know. ⁣

My mistakes.⁣

The things I’ve said out of regret.⁣

Someone I will actually confess the full picture too, rather than just my side of the story that makes me “right” and the other person at fault. ⁣

Seriously. I’ve actually brought conversation threads to trusted mentors to ask them if I had a part in creating the bad outcome. I want to make my wrongs right. Not to prove myself right and create my cheerleading squad. Why? ⁣

Because I want to grow. 🗝⁣

Because I actually want to see the error in my ways so that I can work hard to undo bad thought patterns and behaviors. ⁣

I have purposely and intentionally positioned myself around safe people who have solid character, and are willing to tell me the truth. ⁣

Even the kind of truth I don’t want to hear. 🙃⁣

I don’t ever want to deceive myself into thinking that I’m ok, or “right”, when I’m not. That will never benefit me. I will remain stuck, and I refuse that kind of false comfort. ⁣

I don’t ever want to surround myself with those who will only tell me “what my itching ears want to hear.” ⁣

For the last twenty-three years of my life I have sought both men and woman who carry that same value, and positioned myself in humility, inviting them to speak into my life regularly. The freedom, healing, personal, and spiritual growth I’ve experienced (and continue to) is priceless! ⁣

It’s one of the reasons I started a career path as an Advanced Certified Christian Life Coach ten years ago, and why I established a ministry in this field. The breakthroughs I’ve experienced through deep, and honest relationships was not meant for me to bottle up and keep for myself. I’ve lived it, to release it.⁣

So my advice for you today is: don’t do life alone! What I mean by not alone is to intentionally seek out your support system of hard core truth and accountability. It’s time to set yourself up for the kind of growth that launches you in a continual forward motion of freedom and breakthrough! 🙌🏼⁣

Jillian Ahonen, wife, mom to five, and founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, is real, relatable, and passionate about seeing lives transformed through God’s overwhelming love and power. Click to learn more about Jillian and her Ministries. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) now available!

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