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Do Not Walk Away From Your Position—Word from the Lord

If God is not telling you to walk away—DON’T!

It doesn’t matter if everyone else is telling you it’s time.

It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks or what they “would do in your shoes…”

It’s time to stir up your faith and realize hope is not in what you already have, it’s in what God is going to do. Do not leave your God-ordained position if He never told you too!

Here’s what the Lord is saying to you today:

“I want to use you powerfully right where you are. My grace is sufficient for the position I have chosen for you and as you lean into Me, you will be filled with a supernatural peace and a supernatural strength to rise and rise again.

Take your eyes off of what you see, and tune into what My Spirit wants to say. Remove the fear that’s clouding your ability to hear Me clearly and realize faith is the place that empowers you to live beyond the borders of your human limitations. My power within you is molding and shaping you in this very hour, becoming more like My Son, as you stand firm-footed in the fire.

Be confident, I am working behind the scene and I desire to use you to radiate My glory. As you press into Me, allowing My heart to form in you, those around you will see a pure reflection of Me. I am going to fill you until you are overflowing with My unconditional love. This love is going to tear down the barriers and walls in the most stubborn hearts as you pour out all I have poured into you.

My beloved, this is not the time to retreat, shut down, walk away and give up on the assignment I have graced you for. I am trusting you to carry out My good and perfect plan.

I have called you up and out of the ashes of life and chosen for such a time as this. I put My power in you to take back the ground the enemy has stolen in the lives of those around you. You carry My Kingdom and it’s not for you to keep hidden or to build your comfortable life, it’s meant to be released where I’ve placed you. I Am”

He is within you; you will not fail.

Much love, J


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