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Dance with Him

“I was out on a run a few years ago, praying and listening to worship music when the Holy Spirit gave me a vision that was so powerfully clear, it is etched in my mind’s eye forever!

It was of me in a childlike manner. I was on the feet of My Heavenly Father, my hands in His. The music that was playing was soft and slow as He led me quietly with this melody. Slowly, the scene got increasingly dark, and the music became intense. My feet stayed secure on His, my hands safe in His embrace, and every part of me remained in sync with Him. His peace and strength were evident as I remained connected.

I was unfazed by the intensity of what was swirling around us.

I was light and carefree, and His strength became my strength. His enveloping peace was upon me. My eyes locked into His, with no worry or care of what was going on around me, as He continued to lead me in a dance of unforced rhythms of His grace. He said to me: ‘This is what it looks like when you stay in step with me. No matter what goes on around you, my grace, my strength, my peace will be yours. Dance with Me.’

It was soon after that vision, my life hit another overwhelming storm that lasted a very long time. I had to keep going back to that picture and remind myself what God promised.

His grace continually met me as I learned to dance with Him through it.

This is His invitation to all of us.

We have access to a rhythmic life as we remain in step and dance with Him. When we yield to His lead, life’s burdens cannot weigh us down, and His grace is sufficient. This type of freedom cannot be found through a religious checklist. Connecting with Him in this way is the key that unlocks a life in rhythm with Him that is light and free.

I’ve learned that to live in rhythm with God, I have to surrender any need for control, my need to make myself comfortable, my ideas, my plans and trust Him with everything. The more we fight with life, the heavier it becomes. The more we think things should look or be a certain way, the more we are living in a tension that was not our design to bear. Our freedom, our peace, and our joy are found when we live in step with Him, trusting that He will carry us through no matter what goes on around us.” —Ripple Effect

Let’s make 2023 the year we learn to dance with Him, rooted in faith, and remain in His unforced rhythm of grace.

Much love, J