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Crucifying the Flesh Unlocks Your Life in the Spirit

I spent so many years of my Christian walk not understanding the promises of freedom and victory that the Bible talks about…how in the world was I supposed to be more than a conqueror while my life was falling apart?

How come the Word says that “great will be my peace”, yet my experiences were creating more knots in my belly, and pounding in my chest on the regular?!

That light burden?! My life was way too heavy!

Scripture after scripture did not resonate with me. Yet I hungered and craved to have what the Bible says belongs to me through Jesus, as a citizen of Heaven, empowered by the Holy Spirit!

The Holy Spirit began to open my eyes of understanding.

He took me on a journey of undoing my human understanding, unlocking every misconception until I began to experience a supernatural shift from the inside out.

This has not been an easy journey. In fact, there’s times where I didn’t think I could get up from fetal position due to the heartbreak of life…BUT GOD!

He showed me what it means to bring it all to Him, giving Him room to move powerfully in my heart, and live as a new creation, infused with a power beyond my human capabilities.

And He continues too! 

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned as I look back at the last 20 plus years of my faith journey is this: As believers, we are not supposed to be making our flesh comfortable, we are commanded to crucify the flesh and live by the spirit—this is both powerful and freeing! I didn’t realize that I spent most of my Christian walk, trying to get my human shell to grasp life in the spirit. It’s impossible!

Crucifying my flesh has unlocked my life in the Spirit and this powerful transformation is for you too…For all who belong to Jesus! 

“Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit.” Galatians 5:24-25 (NIV)

This is God’s heart for His children. Live by the spirit and be free—today! 🤍, J

Jillian Ahonen, Author, Speaker, Life-Coach, and Founder of Jillian Ahonen Ministries, has been a vessel in transforming lives through God’s truth, love and power for over a decade. Connect with Jillian daily on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Life is Muddy (book) available on every online book store!

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