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Consider Some Possible Idols

Are you wondering why you have never experienced that healing touch or lasting comfort from God the Bible says is available to you?

Consider some “idols” that may be in the way.

“An idol is anything we turn to as a coping mechanism that makes us feel good in the moment.” R.E.)

If we have a gap between us and God on any level, we are not going to experience all we have in Him and through Him…

“Did you know that people, including spouses, our children, church communities, therapists, and BFFS can become idols?

We can be completely connected with our communities of support, but totally disconnected from God and without realizing it, we’ve replaced Him with people. This includes a high need for comfort from our children or spouse to fill a need in us that we should be getting from God.

Through Jesus, we have received the Holy Spirit who is our true Comfort, and with Him, it is lasting and complete. But if He is not the One we run to, we will not experience Him this way. Oftentimes we run to our spouse, our pastor, our small group leader, our Christian community group, our best friend, our mentor, etc., which are all good people, but if they are our only go-to and we do not go to God, we are still going to struggle and not get the comfort directly from the true Source of Comfort. A counselor, therapist, best friend, spouse, and all the temporary comforts on this earth cannot heal us, but our great and mighty God can.” —Ripple Effect

Praying you take an honest evaluation of who or what you turn to over God, and remove everything that is blocking you from going directly to Him, your true Source of healing and comfort, in your moment of need. 

Much love, J