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Comparison Trap

In a time where social media is literally taking over our lives (I don’t think I’m being dramatic with saying this), we have got to stay aware of the comparison trap that will keep us insecure with our own lives.

Here’s a pull from my book, Life is Muddy. I pray these words meet you today.

“The comparison pit costs us the ability to enjoy our lives because we are too busy striving for more. It positions us to need the latest and greatest, blocking us from enjoying what we already have because what we have is never enough, so we overwork ourselves to ‘get to the top.’ Once we get to the top, it’s still not enough because we have trained ourselves to only notice what we don’t have. We find the ‘top’ we overworked ourselves to get to is still lower than someone else’s.

Can I pop your bubble so you can come back down and just enjoy your life?

Someone will always have less than you and someone will always have more than you.

It’s just the truth.

Accept it.

The comparison mud pit traps us through our areas of insecurity, and there are so many ways to compare ourselves: physical appearance, where someone else is in life compared to where you are, what someone else has over what you have. Whatever the case, our jealousy knocks us off course.

…This sneaky pit comes into our lives causing us to feel unqualifed, too late, left behind, forgotten, inadequate, insecure, unbeautiful . . . and it’s breaking our Heavenly Father’s heart.

‘For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.’ —Ephesians 2:10 NLT

A masterpiece!

Did you catch that? Do you know what that really is?

A masterpiece is ‘a work done with extraordinary skill; a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement.’

Let that just soak in for a minute . . .

YOU are a masterpiece, designed by the Divine Artist Himself, with extraordinary skill.

A skill like no other.

The ultimate artistic achievement was met in God’s design when He made you.

Each masterpiece is done with complete precision, paying attention to even the smallest detail with genuine care.

Here’s the truth:

Each ‘copy’ made after the original automatically goes down in value. Think about that . . . YOU were not made to be a cheap copy.

You were made to be an authentic, original, masterpiece.

You are irreplaceable and individually unique.


Who determines our worth?

Who decides where we should be in life and what ‘things’ determine our happiness?

Who made up the rule that if we haven’t accomplished X, Y, and Z by ‘fill in the blank age’ we are of no value and too late?

Who determines the beginning from the end?

Who is the Author and Finisher of our faith?

Who orchestrated all of life and everything that has breath?

God did, and He makes no mistakes!

You are not a mistake, you are not forgotten, you are not behind, you are God’s hand-picked chosen one, and He has a perfect plan for your life.

You will find that perfect plan when you are living in step with Him.

It’s time to stop looking to your left and right to decide where you fit.”

Look to Him.

Much love, J

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