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“We are so blessed to have Jillian in our lives. She has been a light through our most difficult time. Her prayers over me helped me overcome heart pain I couldn’t control on my own. Her words in prayer and mastery of faith created a direct link to our Heavenly Father, and I’ve learned that I have that same access to Him. She brought hope to my broken, disheartened family. Her teaching inspired us not only to seek God, but to also stay on His path. We are so blessed to have her in our lives; she is the vessel we needed to help transform our lives and connect with the Holy Spirit like never before. I love you Jillian. Thank you for your continued support and guidance through our most difficult storm.” – L.M.

“I thank Jesus daily for leading me to Jillian Ahonen Ministries. I have struggled with fear and anxiety for as long as I can remember. After one-on-one sessions with Jillian, I have learned how to navigate my way through it by using God’s word, and her insight. I’ve experienced so much breakthrough! One of my greatest fears was flying in an airplane. After only a couple of sessions, and a lot of prayer with her, I walked right onto an airplane, all on my own, to join my family and not miss my sons 30th birthday celebration! She is certainly in tune with God, and I’m so grateful she shares it.” – Y.D.