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Bring Your Trauma to Him

Life trauma is real, but we don’t have to live with it, shove it away and pretend that intense feeling isn’t there, or “process” through it for years.

I don’t believe God wants us to process through trauma — I believe He wants us to bring the memory and feeling to Him for healing.

He doesn’t want us to run from what we are feeling, shut down or live with the intense panic…that is NOT the abundant life that Jesus paid for.

This is not only biblical Truth, but I’m living proof that trauma from life will NEVER have more power than the healing nature of my Savior!

Jesus has the power to completely restore our minds and it is His heart that you experience this mind-blowing freedom too!

Here’s a pull from my latest book, Ripple Effect:

“Do you ever experience flashes of past scenarios that interrupt your daily life, instantly taking you back to a painful or negative memory? Jesus can heal that part of your brain that has stored the traumatic moment and take that jarring sting away.

…Trauma, life stressors, and wounds from our experiences can trigger the most intense panic attacks that require divine intervention from our Healer. Jesus wants to come into every broken place in our hearts and minds, including all the residual effects of life’s overwhelming experiences. We don’t have to do this in our own strength, but it will require partnering with Him in ways that may feel impossible. Especially when flashes of past scenarios are running through our minds and they are coming in sharp, fast, even creating physical pain. We can bring these painful moments to Jesus and ask for His help. With Him, all things are possible.

…When our minds need the healing touch of Jesus, not only do we feel the pain of the current situation, but if there are past situations that have traumatized us, those incidents can take us all the way back to that initial bad experience in our current pain, intensifying it. Sometimes the memory is so intense, we completely shut down.

When past traumas surface, we can use these opportunities to go to Jesus, invite Him into that memory, and ask Him to heal our mind until those past flashes no longer invade our present life. Sometimes the healing happens all at once and sometimes the healing is a process of becoming consciously aware, inviting Jesus into the memory, or feeling, each time something surfaces until those triggers are gone.”

Family, let’s stop living with life’s trauma and allow His life giving power to come into every jarring memory of pain until we are living fully healed, and fully free in Jesus’ name!