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Are your thoughts, actions and behaviors glorifying God?

If our thoughts, actions, and behaviors are not sowing seeds of peace and producing life, they are wrong.

If we are emotionally reactive, living offended, and finding ourselves with thoughts of criticism and judgment toward ANYONE, we are living from the wrong heart, and the wrong spirit—period.

We are NOT glorifying or honoring God.

Family, please hear me…even if you’ve convinced yourself your responses and reactions are for the greater good, or it’s because “you care”, but you are sharp and unloving, be honest—you’re not producing the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and the heart you’re coming from is off.

Let’s take an honest evaluation of the thoughts that are driving us away from responding in love, grace, and mercy.

Can we be brave enough to own it, take an honest look at the trail we are leaving behind, and ask ourselves some hard questions?

Are our thoughts, responses, and actions toward people (secretly or out in the open) glorifying our Father in Heaven?

Are we representing Him well in our everyday lives by being a display of peace and love?

It’s time to take hold of every thought that comes to your mind that wants to justify wrong thoughts, actions and behaviors, and renew your mind in God’s Truth.

I’m holding myself to this, too!

It’s through the renewal of our mind that we become transformed image bearers of Christ, radiating God’s Heart and Glory to everyone that crosses our path.

This includes our family, our neighbors…even those who think or believe different.

We are called to be an extension of the Father’s Heart in the purest form.

Let’s get our hearts lined up with His and represent our Heavenly Father well!


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