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Are you living out of your own strength or His?

“We have access to a supernatural power through the gift of grace. We need to realize what we have, and grab hold of it!

Think of it this way.

We have tools in our cabinet.

On one shelf we have all the hand tools: screwdrivers, socket wrenches, and hammers. On another shelf in the same cabinet, we have power tools. The power tools have a source that multiplies our abilities and gets the job done faster with ease. Which one would you grab to build with?

The one where you have to use your own strength or the one that has a source of power behind it?

Same cabinet.

Two different options.

Let’s be real, we are going to choose the power tools!

Choosing the power tools is life in the Spirit, and because of undeserved grace, we have access to God’s power, the Holy Spirit.

We can live life in our own strength or we can access His.

Same body.

Two options.” —Ripple Effect (book)

It’s easy to agree that His power is in us and quote what we have access to, but are we living it out in our daily lives?

Our responses to life and hard situations will reveal to us whether we are living this life in our own strength or His?

Are we continually knocked down, exhausted and overwhelmed when life becomes a challenge?

Are we living with knots in our bellies, weighed down by our circumstances and struggling our way through the day?

This is not supposed to be the way it looks or feels in the life of a believer. It’s time to grab hold or what we’ve been given. It’s time to live empowered!