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Are you living light and free?

It’s been a week over here!

Hubby out of town, juggling school at home, house upkeep, appointments, husbands’ truck key BREAKING in the ignition when I went to drive, then, of course, I get sick. (Insert eye roll here)

In all the non-sense of my crazy week, here I am, rolled out of bed, hair piled on top of my head, ready to share my heart…

Family, I know there are many who are struggling in their daily lives — overwhelmed, worried, internally wrestling with various areas in your personal life that oftentimes gets shoved aside in order to put on the Christian smile…can we get real?

Can we face some of the areas in our lives, even the hidden ones, and admit we’re missing some things?

I have personally come alongside side more men and woman than I can count and what I’ve learned is MOST are quietly struggling, not totally experiencing what the Bible says is ours through Jesus.

Too many are going to church, checking off the Christian checklist boxes, but not experiencing the JOY and PEACE the Bible describes, believing it’s their situation or circumstances, waiting for God to show up.

I get it. I have MANY areas in my life that are awaiting the promised miracle, but I will tell you — all of what Jesus paid for: the freedom, peace, joy, a comfort beyond words, an overwhelming love that floods my heart with an effortless flow to those around me IS NOW!

We do not have to wait for outside circumstances to change because inwardly, through Jesus, we can live INCREDIBLY FREE!

Jesus said that He came to bring us a rich and abundant life. That life connected to Him causes the fruit of the Holy Spirit to BURST through us—when we are living in rhythm with Him, our life feels light and free!

Most are piling into churches on Sunday, hit by life on Monday, and then crawling their way through the rest of the week.

Does this sound familiar? Are you ready for a real life-changing touch from Jesus that doesn’t go away?

It’s time to contend and go after everything Jesus says is yours!

No more settling for a mediocre life filled with endless heaviness and worry when Jesus paid for your victory. Amen?

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